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Russian tyre market has been recovering in 2017. The rouble revaluation has paved the way back to the market for imports, and its share of sales keeps growing. The trend has emerged in the other markets as well. Supplies of Chinese-origin truck tyres have also been swelling this year. Meanwhile, the world-renowned new Russian producer Bridgestone is going to launch production this year.

Nevertheless, there is a fly in the ointment rubber prices have been changing dramatically since December 2016, directly affecting tyres value. All these trends require special attention so each market participant can size up the situation and respond to changes in it.         

Being aware of the necessity of discussing the industry issues relating to the sales structure, the market analysis and outlooks, Chem-Courier information agency is going to hold the II international conference Tyre Business in Russia: Trends, Forecasts, Prices this autumn.

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The head of planning and price formation analyst of TOYO TIRES have confirmed their participation in the II international conference “Tyre business in Russia: trends, forecasts, prices”.

Goodyear Russia forming delegation
Wednesday, 17 May 2017
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Goodyear Russia will attend the II international conference “Tyre business in Russia: trends, forecasts, prices”. The delegation is being formed.

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World-renowned tyre manufacturer Yokohama RUS has confirmed that it will take part in the conference. The delegation staff will be announced later.

Sunday, 16 April 2017
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Chem-Courier informational agency announce the start of preparation for the “Tyre business in Russia: trends, forecasts, prices” conference. The conference is scheduled for 15 November 2017, Russia, Moscow, «AZIMUT Moscow Olympic» hotel.

By holding this conference, we try to make our contribution to the development of the Russian tyre and tyre feedstock markets. And we plan to discuss topical issues that concern both feedstock suppliers and tyre producers and traders at the conference.

We have a lot of experience in holding market conferences for various branches of the chemical industry. This year, we analyzed the existing tyre conferences in Russia and concluded that the industry lacks a market event focused on topical issues and live discussion with various market segments. That is why we decided to hold an industry conference for You and your colleagues.